SDI Portfolio

SDI operates through a number of brands:

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Atik Cameras

Atik Cameras designs and manufactures highly sensitive cameras. These are marketed for life science and industrial applications under its Artemis brand and for deep-sky astronomy imaging as Atik cameras.

Fistreem International

Fistreem International designs and manufactures water purification products and vacuum ovens.

Graticules Optics

With a pedigree going back over 70 years, Graticules Optics is a proven world-class designer and manufacturer of precision micropattern products. Graticules Optics is unique in offering photolithographic products on glass, film and in metal foil, with the added bonus of coatings, cementing, mounting and small optical assembly.

Opus Instruments

Opus Instruments are the team behind the Apollo and Osiris cameras, world leaders in the field of infrared reflectography (IRR).

Quantum Scientific Imaging

Quantum Scientific Imaging – design and manufacture scientific cameras for applications that require superior imaging performance such as astronomical, life science, research and industrial imaging.


Synbiosis develops and manufactures a range of automated colony counting and zone sizing products for the microbiology laboratory in food, water, pharmaceutical and clinical applications.


Syngene produces equipment for life scientists to image and analyse electrophoresis gels used for DNA and protein analysis.


Synoptics designs and manufactures scientific instruments based on digital imaging, for the life science research, microbiology and healthcare markets

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Applied Thermal Control

Applied Thermal Control designs and manufactures precision re-circulation chillers, coolers and heat exchangers used to control the thermal environment within a wide variety of applications including within the scientific instrument support market (including electron microscopes, X-ray, diffraction and mass spectrometers.

Astles Control Systems

Astles is a supplier of chemical dosing and control systems to different manufacturing industries including manufacturers of beverage cans, engineering and motor components, white goods, architectural aluminium and steel.

Chell Instruments

Many of Chell's solutions incorporate instruments and components such as thermal mass flow meters and controllers and capacitance manometers produced by their Principals, with all of whom Chell have enjoyed long-standing relationships.

Fraser Anti Static Techniques

Our experienced and approachable team is responsive, efficient and knowledgeable. We understand the electrostatic challenges that new materials, faster speeds, complex machinery and advances in industrial processes can present to our customers.

Ultimately, our success can be attributed to working collaboratively with large-scale OEMs and manufacturers, or distributors of machinery and materials, to meet their changing demands. We tie product development firmly to customer need and future requirements. Fraser consistently creates well-engineered, cost-effective equipment and customised solutions that lead the market.

LTE Scientific

LTE Scientific, established in 1947, is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of life science, research and medical equipment, including medium to large-capacity autoclaves, environmental rooms and chambers, endoscope drying and storage cabinets, and a range of thermal processing equipment, including ovens, incubators, drying cabinets and solution/blanket warming cabinets.

LTE Service Centre employs a large team of engineers nationwide to carry out service, maintenance and testing to UKAS standards and HTM guidelines.

Monmouth Scientific

Monmouth Scientific Limited are one of the UK’s leading designers, manufacturers and suppliers of Clean Air Solutions.

They specialise in Filtration Fume Cupboard and Ducted Fume Cupboard installations alongside Laminar Flow and Class II Biological Safety Cabinets.

MPB Industries

MPB designs, manufactures and sells a range of flowmeters and control instrumentation with applications in water treatment, power generation, gas and oil production, human medical anaesthesia, aviation, pharmaceutical, pollution control, scientific analysis, educational and many other areas.

Safelab Systems

With over 30 years experience, Safelab is recognised as one of the UK's leading fume cupboard manufacturers. Safelab’s roots are firmly in the South West of England and, having recently moved to a larger purpose built facility in Weston-super-Mare, we have increased our capacity to design and manufacture high quality BS EN compliant products. Our dedicated team of service engineers, based around the UK, carry out our installation and commissioning, and conduct routine testing and servicing of Safelab and other manufacturers' fume cupboards to ensure they continue to be safe to use.

Scientific Vacuum Systems

SVS are specialists in the manufacturers of sputtering, electron beam evaporation, ion beam milling and ion beam sputtering systems.


Sentek manufactures and markets off-the shelf and custom-made electrochemical sensors for water based applications. These sensors are used in laboratory analysis, in food, beverage and personal care manufacture, as well as the leisure industry.

Uniform Engineering

Uniform Engineering's team of expert precision metal manufacturers have a wealth of experience in providing the highest quality, bespoke metalwork solutions for Commercial and Industrial sectors.

A trusted partner in precision metalwork and bespoke fabrication for decades – our innovation and technical knowledge is exceptional.