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Many of Chell’s solutions incorporate instruments and components such as thermal mass flow meters and controllers and capacitance manometers produced by their Principals, with all of whom Chell have enjoyed long-standing relationships. In many cases, when customers identify gaps in product ranges, Chell has developed solutions to fill those gaps – Leak Rate Monitors for the Power Generation industry is an example.

The greater proportion of Chell’s product range has resulted from customer enquiries and, after successful supply, have gone on into series production. Products such as the Air Ingress Monitor have been in service nearly 30 years, are now in their Mk4 version and are almost all still in service, returning annually to us for calibration. Similarly, the Leak Rate Monitor which has become a standard leak tester for the nuclear power industry.

Chell’s commitment to pressure scanning applications, particularly in the aerodynamic testing of Formula 1 cars, both in wind tunnels and on the track has resulted in the development of specialist data acquisition systems, all based on feedback from the race teams.

All of Chell’s products are manufactured in our own machine & electronics shops where precision CNC machining, TIG welding and helium leak testing are carried out, giving them total control over quality and performance. Ultra High Vacuum assemblies such as the Miniature Knudsen Cells are assembled in a clean area & tested on a UHV system.

Performance has been Chell’s watchword since inception and our policy has always been to provide calibration facilities for every measurement device we supply. This has resulted in an ISO17025 accredited UKAS calibration facility (Laboratory No. 0687) having some of the lowest uncertainties available outside National Standards, so that products purchased from Chell have the highest measurement integrity.

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