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Established in 1990, Scientific Vacuum Systems Ltd. (SVS) has specialised in the manufacture of Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) systems. SVS longevity has been due to its ethos of “Strength in Design”, which has been the foundation of all their manufactured products.

From the simplest electron beam evaporation system to a fully automatic production sputter coater, engineering excellence, quality and reliability are the company’s principal values. SVS have also recognised the importance of being amongst the leaders in emerging technologies. SVS are committed to investing in research for new sputtering and evaporation techniques to develop processes to a commercial scale.

We are experts and renowned in the UK and worldwide for Physical Vapour Deposition.
We’ve been Pvd Coating Suppliers and Pvd Coating manufactures for over 30 years and experienced to take on all projects of all sizes.

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Scientific Vacuum Systems Ltd
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